TROPO is a refreshing and profound live music proposal. Refreshing because its electronic atmosphere will immediately transport us to the natural beauty of the sea, the mountains and sunsets from the California Central Coast, while in a deep beat of percussions he will connect us with our most tribal and wild part. Our bodies will melt into a wild and mystical experience, of dance and live electronic and acoustic music: something that makes TROPO different, is his performing, where he includes his acoustic/electroacoustic violin as protagonist, creating evocative melodies that can tear our most hidden emotions.

TROPO has performed live shows in the heart of nature, from the Central Coast to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, being part of known festivals as Burning Man, Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle or eDance California. Our forests, mountains and deserts become a living stage, where the sounds of nature and its landscapes become a part of the magical mix of TROPO, propitiating a communion experience with our Mother Earth.